Clean Campus Initiative: Mission Statement

The Clean Campus Initiative is a student-run project at Bard College, which endeavors to lessen the messes left in and around the Kline Commons, academic buildings, and residence halls by expanding who Bard students consider as part of their community. The almost invisible efforts of the cleaning staff at Bard make them integral shapers of everyone’s experience at Bard. While littering produces a host of consequences, this campaign wants Bardians to consider how their litter affects sanitation workers physically and emotionally. CCI ultimately wants to remind Bardians that the daily efforts of our sanitation workers should not be exploited and undermined. This year, CCI will create posters, have a photo campaign on the wall by DTR, as well as have Peer Counselors organize dorm events where students can show their appreciation to Environmental Services and Kline workers for all of their help.

The Clean Campus Initiative is organized by Joy Al-Nemri, Olivia Horowitz, and Aasiyah Ali.



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