Welcome to The Draft | Wyatt

Welcome to The Draft. If you don’t already know, The Draft is Bard’s premiere leftist publication. We’re back from the dead with a vengeance, just in time for the spooks and frights of Halloween. But the real terror this year is November 6th, Election Day: democracy deluge, Barrytown Bacchanalia – whatever you want to call it.

Our congressman, John Faso — whose career is sponsored by corporate interest and brought to you by the lack of votes in Annandale and our trademarked ‘Bard wokeapathy’* is a part of the pack of lemmings that is fuel to the fire of this national shit show.

If we told you two years ago that the U.S. Government would be separating families and detaining children at the border, would you have believed us? Or that the U.S. would pull out of the UN Climate Accord, making it effectively the only country in the world doing nothing to curb the imminent threat of climate change? How about that an accused rapist would rise to the position of Justice on our nation’s highest court?

The purpose of this brief and incomplete list is not to overwhelm or disillusion—everyone obviously knows what’s going on (or so we hope). We are asking the question: What are you doing about it? Sure, you could do what we normally do—drown apathy with your poison of choice, keep reading tweets, or you could do something: stand up, fight, riot.

It’s one thing to vote, and we beg that everyone reading this does so. But the world we’re faced with is going to take more than a ‘blue wave’ to fix. The system is broken, but so are our protests; for the past two years we’ve been outraged, we’ve protested, we’ve been arrested, and we’ve put more people on the streets than ever before — but we need more radical plans for change. We need to maintain the fight and the outrage, and we have to be critical of our movements if we want them to be truly effective.

We do not doubt that Bard is alternative and radical. We want your voice heard. Your voice matters, your actions matter, so it’s time to act like they do. Enjoy reading our zine; we hope our articles both sincerely piss you off and inspire you to take action.

In Solidarity,

The Draft

*The act of being ‘woke’ while remaining apathetic and complacent to systems of oppression

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