Bard in Solidarity w. los 43


Argentine human rights activist and photographer Marcelo Brodsky along with others has begun a ‘visual action’ campaign on behalf of the 43 students of the Teachers Rural School Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa who were kidnapped in September of this year by the Mexican state of Guerrero and its police.

The idea is for students around the world to produce a photograph expressing solidarity with these missing students and their families in their pursuit for justice. Social organizations in Mexico are receiving these images from student groups around the world and distributing them in various social networks throughout the country in an effort to strengthen the campaigns of various human rights groups fighting for truth and justice for the 43 disappeared.  It is crucial for these campaigns to maintain momentum and to remind the Mexican government that the world is watching.

This past December The Draft organized a photo of solidarity for the 43 disappeared. To see more photos of solidarity from all over the world visit the Visual Action Facebook page. Learn more about the project at


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